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Enchanting, Romantic, Ethereal.

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Hi I am Becca.

inspired by love, photos, and tattoos. Making memories all over the world.


I am from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I feel so blessed to live in a wonderful place like this and to have a profession that I am passionate about. I started taking photos when I was very young. I remember our first digital camera with its whopping 4 megapixels. I ran around my Nanny's garden on Pender island, snapping photos of roses and other flowers until the batteries ran flat. My passion changed over the years and landed on capturing people. Then all of a sudden I thought why not make this my career? This is when things started to accelerate. I challenged myself to learn and advance. I practiced shooting and editing until my eyes hurt. I made goals of getting published and shooting full time. Fast forward 5 years and my photos are being published in magazines all the time... images are going viral on the internet, winning awards! I placed 3rd for overall wedding photography for all of BC which was a huge accomplishment in my first year of full time shooting. I have gotten to shoot in France, Bali, Mexico, England had an art exhibition in Spain, Australia and more. beautiful local locations I am truly blessed and looking forward to where ever the next adventure will be!

Photography means so much to me. It brings light to my life. I live to create and inspire. There is no better feeling than returning and final product that lights up the eyes of my clients.

"Photography allows people to capture a fleeting moment and eternalize it. It is pure magic and I hope to continue on to a long career of hiding behind my camera and computer to make YOU smile." -me

I specialize in natural light photography, Boudoir, Fashion, Weddings and Portraits.  Although, I work with lots of families, babies, and professionals. I have been known to capture an event or concert as well. I have a studio in Victoria BC but my favourite is being in nature.

Thank you so much to all the people around the world who support me and follow my work! You can never know the amount of gratitude I feel. 

You are the reason I can live in a magical dream land where I get to create everyday.

Thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart!

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Thank you again I hope we can work together sometime soon,



aka Lil' Riv


Publishing & Media

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Best Editorial Winner

Best Editorial Winner

Best Editorial Runner up

Best Editorial Runner up

Finalist Best Aprés wedding photo

Finalist Best Aprés wedding photo

3rd For Best overall wedding photography

3rd For Best overall wedding photography