Michelle and Jordie {Engagement}


Michelle & Jordie


Ok I am so obsessed with this session. And since it is one of the few things I am actually finished I thought I would share a few with you.

This shoot got me even more stoked for their upcoming Mount Washington sunset ceremony. It will be dreamy too I am sure.

We really lucked out this night with the perfect sunset and the crazy wind. Some people might think that wind is awful for photos but when you have a flowy dress and hair like Moana... it's basically the perfect recipe for uber romantic photos. 

Another fav part of this shoot was that Jordie was one of those "I don't like photos" people..... despite that we still had fun and the photos turned out amazing. In your face Jordie! You look like a model so deal with it ok. haha

It is always possible to get some great shots no matter what the lighting or situation when you have two people who are super in love. But sometimes we get lucky and nature is like here.. go make magic.. and I am like... OK let's fricken rock this.


I had a true physical need to share a bunch of these. I would like to say there will be more blogs.... and I will try... But I am the worst and I am so busy and I need someone to do my life for me. Thank you so much for checking these out!