Cannon Beach Adventure


Hey Friends!

So it’s wedding season again. How did that happen I feel like it never stopped for me this year. I decided to take it a little slower this year a leave a bit of summer for me. I wanted to make sure I didn’t burn myself out again. I wanted to enjoy some weekends with the people I love and I wanted to shoot some stuff just for the joy of it. I am definitely labelled a wedding photographer these days but I love shooting portraits and fashion as well.

I went on a road trip to Cannon beach recently between weddings and met up with a photographer from Oregon. She drove three hours from Eugene so that we could play in the sunset on the beach. I am so happy we did I am in love with the images. The light was just perfect. There is something about the PNW that is just so magical. I was super lucky my boyfriend took some videos and photos of me shooting while we were there which is something I don’t have a lot of and it’s so fun to be able to show you a bit of behind the scenes magic. Check out Shaynahs work too she snapped some pics of me while we were there too it was awesome. Shaynah Vandegriffe Photography

Being a photographer and being able to travel around to such beautiful places to create is such a blessing. I am always looking forward to my next adventure. The past few summers I have worked every weekend. Sometimes two or three weddings in a row. That was a lot for me and it was hard for me to keep my passion alive while I was drowning in work. Doing shoots I have dreamed about in my head is what keeps the fire alive for me!

I made a new preset for this set and I am starting a new collection. The Stay Wild presets. Inspired by my trip down to Oregon. I am including a little speed editing video for you to see how I worked the images in lightroom.

Check out the video below to see a time lapse of me editing in light room using the new preset I made! And please let me know I am toying around with making some full length editing tutorials so if there is something you would like to learn get at me!

Based out of Victoria BC I am a world travelling love obsessed sap. Always ready to hit the road and explore this beautiful world. As I said before this is Cannon Beach, Oregon USA if you haven’t been… GO NOW. It is so beautiful there I was blown away.. and thats a lot coming from me because I live in paradise on my little island. I am all about sunsets and beaches.