Freya And Arlen Wedding Recap!

Here is a quick summarized look at Freya and Arlens beautiful wedding at Sax point yesterday.

A rainy west coast day on Vancouver Island. The girls hard at work primping and priming and helping the bride get ready for the biggest walk of her life. While the boys set the stage and prayed for the rain to hold off. Dad waiting patiently to see his beautiful not so little girl as a stunning bride. The guests making their way to the ceremony....

Finally its time!

The clouds parted and the sun cam out just long enough for a ceremony in the sun by the sea. A picture perfect memory for everyone. Bride meets groom, vow exchanged, THE KISS! Finally after a year of planning they came out Mr and Mrs Finnerty!

 Of course in West Coast fashion the rain returned shortly after so we spent our time with umbrellas at the ready during our bridal photos!

She was so elegant head to tow in lace, with her red curls falling down her back. It inspired me to edit in a film like style. 

I hope you enjoy this little look into a very special day.