Maria & Steven {Partners in crime and love}

These two adorable human beings have decided to unite for life! I am pumped for them.

We met the other week when they trooped over on the ferry on a very rainy day and came straight out to SOOKE of all places and got right to shooting. I am absolutely ecstatic to be the chosen photographer for their big day because they are incredibly sweet and will run as fast as they can to take a photo when I see fog. Now that is the kind of investment that you want your clients to give you every time! Anyways check out there photos by following the link or clicking this photo and see their West Coast Engagement session. Also on the record, I swear I let my clients pick where they want to shoot this just happens to be a really popular place. Doesn't hurt that I love too.... Fields, Beaches, Forrest, the rock bluffs..... Perfection.

Rebecca CarrollComment