Winter Session with Nikkita <3

Had such a fun last minute snow shoot with Nikkita. If you know where Vancouver Island or Victoria is you will know that we don't get snow often and when we do it goes away almost instantly. It has been 20 years to today since our last blizzard actually! Anyways it snowed finally. I put the word out I wanted to do a snow shoot and Nikkita showed up at my house the next morning at 8 am and we got to work.

It just so happens that I live on an acreage in the woods. We just turned the property into a wedding venue actually. It's a giant old growth forrest full of ferns. Basically a magical fairy land! If you want to check it out go to : and have a look!

I had recently bought a gown for an event at BCBG that I am in love with and I wanted to get a chance to shoot it so desperately. So it worked out absolutely perfectly! I usually like to bring in an expert team for hair and makeup but because it was so last minute I decided to do it myself. I used to do makeup quite a bit but I so enjoy working with a team and getting to focus solely on my photos. I think the plum lip was very striking against the white snow and gave the shoot a bit of a darker feel. Of course I always love falling back to a bit of a dark style sometimes as much as I love the light and romantic stuff as well.

All of these images are natural light photos. No reflector required as the snow is AMAZING for light. Shot with a Canon 50mm 1.2L. My favourite lens in the world. We shot this pretty quickly because it was cold only about half an hour in total. So it was quick easy and so very  gorgeous.

There is something so magical about snow. We all feel it as we watch it falling softly, laying a pure white blanket on the ground. It brings out our inner child and dreams of Narnia.

Check out a few of the photos from our little just for fun session below. Feel free to share on pinterest if you like!


Model: Nikkita Sky

Hair/Makeup: Rivkah Photography

Dress: BCBG

Location: Cedar haven