My first post. May as well be "controversial".

So I have been wanting to start a blog for ever and never had the correct template for a blog illiterate human.

I thought I might as well start with my most recent publication. And yes, my most controversial to date. It was absolutely amazing to be a part of the project. It is an article written by a local woman who happens to be transgender. Seeing as I am a massive a supporter of all human beings no matter age, race, sexual identity or preference, ability or disability I was on board straight away. After the post was published on someone messaged me and said good for you risking your career to support this. Thats something I hadn't thought about. I hope this doesn't offend too many people; if that is a reason someone wouldn't want to work with me...... I probably wouldn't be too keen to work with them anyhow. It actually very upsetting that that could even be a possibility!

Back to what I was saying; The shoot was really good we just got a good flow going immediately. Courtney is an amazing person full of positive energy. Even after being literally robbed during our shoot Courtney carried on with her head held high. She was on a mission to get her shoot done so her article could be released. Before I  go on or share the article I would like to say that I think Courtney is an amazingly brave person to put herself out there knowing that there are people who are not accepting of trans people. So the article came out.... and immediately went viral! AMAZING! What an accomplishment for this young woman. I  of course read some of the comments and quite a few made me sick to my stomach. But for every awful comment there was someone supportive passing along praise. Courtney raised awareness for trans people and feminism in general. Bravo Courtney you are wonderful.


Here is the article for you to read. Just click the photo.3

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