Getting Moody

| f 1.4| 50mm | iso 400 | 1/320 |

| f 1.4| 50mm | iso 400 | 1/320 |

Had an amazing shoot today! We went for a darker Moody feel. Embracing the darker days of fall. We decided to shoot a lot in black and white today. Which is awesome because I barely have to do anything after. I will tell you right now, on this photo all I did was brighten her face and add +11 points of contrast. Sometimes I shoot to edit, because I love to edit, but with black and white I try to execute what I want in camera. I personally find this easier with black and white than colour. Mainly because, you don't have to worry about the skin tone changing to a more orange or brown when you take darker photos.

My model was Jesscia Allerton who I had not yet worked with, turns out she is awesome! She was recently signed with Coultish Model Management of Victoria, congrats for that! I love the Coultish agency they are filled with talent and all of the models I have met have been professional and sweet! Jessica is a natural model.... she owns what I call the model back... the kind of back that actually looks good hunched over in photos. Where us non-model types would look sloppy; she looks graceful.

The shoot was put together and planned by Jessica & Erin Bradley of  Beauty and Style by Erin Bradley (Like her page;) ). She is an amazing stylist and makeup artist from Victoria who is constantly collaborating with local artists and creating wonderful things. Today she beautified Jessica using Elate Cosmetics which is also connected to another wonderful woman from Victoria, Melodie Reynolds. Elate is a wicked cosmetics line that helps beautiful women, make beautiful choices; for themselves, and our planet. 

That is a lot of awesome packed into a shoot that only took us an hour-ish of shoot time.